Blue Core won [ navigation module class ] Enterprise Award

On August 18, the 2020 HIGH-TECH MOBILE ROBOT Industry Summit hosted by hi-tech robots and hi-tech Research and development was held in Hangzhou. In the “2020 mobile robot industry selection”activity initiated by Gaogong Mobile Robot, more than 100 mobile robot industry chain-related enterprises participated in the evaluation. The Vision Navigation Module LX-3DV-BNS developed by blue chip technology based on TOF technology won the 2020 mobile robot supply chain high-quality Enterprise Award.


Navigation is the key technology for mobile robot to realize autonomous driving. With the development of robot navigation technology, the “Marked”navigation represented by magnetic strip, magnetic pin and two-dimensional code gradually declined. Compared with the “Marked”navigation, SLAM has significant advantages in deployment and post-maintenance, and can improve the mobility of robot, so it has become the mainstream navigation mode.


The advantages of LX-3DV-BNS, a 3D visual navigation module developed by blue chip technology based on the self-developed TOF technology, not only cover all the advantages of SLAM navigation, but also make full use of the 3D information for navigation, the whole algorithm subsystem includes many key technologies, such as map construction and expression based on visual information, fast positioning, path planning, precise positioning and docking, dynamic scene processing, environment light processing, etc. , so that mobile robots have a higher environmental adaptability and stability. At present, with Blue Core Technology 3D visual navigation module of the whole product has entered commercial use.


The eye is the main “Sensor”for the human brain to collect environmental information-83% of external information is obtained through the eye. A real AI robot must be a robot that, like humans, has the “Eye of wisdom”, has deep visual perception, and can “See”the world -- see, that is, environmental data collection; understand, is the analysis and judgment of data. Robots can only serve the world if they “Understand”the world.