Bluecore technology attends the conference of Kuangshi Industry Alliance

Recently, bluecore technology was invited to attend the conference of Kuangshi smart strategy and "Ai + logistics industry alliance".

Gao Yong, CEO of bluecore technology, accepted the appointment letter of "artificial intelligence logistics industry alliance" and served as the director of the alliance.


AI logistics industry alliance is jointly initiated and prepared by Kuangshi, Jingxing, fuller, Sinopharm Logistics, Wuqiang, youlesai, Beiyou and other units. More than 30 alliance members joined the artificial intelligence logistics industry alliance to build a new AI + logistics format.

Wu Qingyi, a logistics leader and director of the Logistics Research Institute of Beijing University of science and technology, Lu Daming, vice president and Secretary General of China Society of mechanical engineering and chairman of artificial intelligence logistics industry alliance, Fang Dianjun, China's chief scientist of franhoff Logistics Research Institute in Germany, Dong Zhonglang, managing director of Yinshan capital, and Li Sujian, editor in chief of logistics technology and application, Wang Jixiang, vice president of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, and other leaders from all walks of life of the logistics industry gathered at the press conference to share their insight into the development trend of the logistics industry.

Wang Yinxue, vice president of Kuangshi and head of the strategy and planning development center of the logistics business division, believes that no enterprise can handle all the needs alone in the face of increasingly complex and diverse logistics industry needs. Therefore, a good alliance means that each member unit can find its own position in the alliance, give full play to its strengths, and form a good situation of complementary advantages, resource sharing and win-win for all parties within the alliance.

Blue core technology will adhere to the industry ecological development principle of "symbiosis and mutual growth", strengthen exchanges and cooperation with members of the system, jointly create and share value, and promote the healthy and stable development of business forms.