Blue core won the excellence award of 2020 "mayor's Cup" competition

On October 16, the final and award ceremony of 2020 "mayor's Cup" Hangzhou high value intellectual property intelligent product innovation and creativity competition was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. The "3D depth vision camera" selected by bluecore technology won the excellence award of the creative group.


2020 "mayor's Cup" competition

The "mayor's Cup" competition was hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People's government and has been held for 14 times so far. With the theme of "high-value intelligent knowledge, high-quality Hangzhou creates the future", the 2020 "mayor's Cup" focuses on the "new manufacturing plan" of Hangzhou municipal Party committee and government and the construction of "the first city of China's digital economy", takes the innovation and creativity of artificial intelligence products as the core concept, strengthens the forward-looking thinking of artificial intelligence +, big data + and pays attention to intelligent manufacturing, big data, 5g technology Advanced technology industries such as blockchain, new energy and new materials are deeply integrated with traditional and new industries in Hangzhou.


Since its launch in July this year, the competition has collected 155 innovation projects from across the country, involving 2112 domestic patents and 766 foreign patents. After strict audition, semi-finals and fierce finals, the "3D depth vision camera" selected by bluecore technology stood out from many entries, successfully advanced to the finals, and finally won the Excellence Award.

Pan Yunhe, director of the expert review committee and former executive vice president and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, commented on the competition as a whole and fully affirmed the competition. Hu Wei, vice mayor of Hangzhou, made a summary of the competition and put forward the hope of "further promoting Hangzhou's economic transformation and upgrading, creating Hangzhou's publicity golden card and highlighting the attraction effect of resources and talents" for the next "mayor's Cup".

Excellent products should not only "show outside", but also "wisdom in".

Wukong series of blue core technology 3D depth vision camera adopts innovative modular design in industrial design. The products can meet different application needs only by replacing connecting accessories. Structurally compatible with ordinary embedded platform and GPU platform, it can build in-depth learning algorithm and improve speed; Flexibly adjust the baseline to adapt to different measurement distances, and the measuring range can reach 200mm-3000mm; Compatible with single camera and dual cameras, more flexible configuration to meet the needs of different scenes.

Blue core technology 3D depth vision camera Wukong series

In terms of technological innovation, Wukong series of bluecore 3D depth vision cameras adopt time-division coding structured light technology, project multiple structured light images through DLP, collect projected images, and realize high-precision 3D measurement after decoding. The depth measurement technology independently developed can achieve excellent performance: support a variety of coding schemes, fast coding (faster), gray code (more stable), gray code multi-step phase shift (higher accuracy); Support GPU acceleration, configurable NVIDIA embedded platform, CUDA language hardware acceleration, integrated deep learning algorithm; Support dual cameras to further improve the accuracy and effectively deal with reflection, parallax occlusion and other phenomena; The stroboscopic function can greatly reduce the interference of ambient light.

Products that can solve problems for customers are really good products.

At present, Wukong, a 3D depth vision camera of bluecore technology, has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, printing, express delivery and other industries. By carrying it with a manipulator or mobile robot, it can guide the robot to sort, unpack, load and unload, defect detection, and complete high-risk, high-intensity, difficult, high standard, high flexibility and other operation links, Make up for the shortage of enterprise labor force, improve enterprise production efficiency and production safety, and accelerate the transformation of enterprises to digital.


In addition to the Wukong series, bluecore's product family also includes 3D visual obstacle avoidance cameras, intelligent handling robots and intelligent loading and unloading robots. These products are busy in all links of the manufacturing industry and create visible value for enterprises.