The first batch of pioneers of robot vision technology in China

Take off your myopia glasses with hundreds or thousands of degrees. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a leader in biology on earth one day. For example, it has a fictitious mythical character - the flaming eyes of Sun Wukong, the great sage of Qi Tian; Or fly freely at a height of thousands of meters like an eagle and have a pair of "thousand mile eyes".

Enabling robot with "depth vision"

Today, Hangzhou bluecore Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as bluecore Technology), an enterprise with machine vision as the core, is deeply rooted in the field of machine vision and empowering robots with "deep vision".

Eagle series is a 3D vision sensor developed by bluecore technology based on self-developed TOF technology, including hardware and software. The mobile robot can collect the three-dimensional spatial information of the environment by carrying eagle, and then help the robot realize unmarked indoor navigation through algorithm, that is, "3D visual navigation". In addition to navigation, eagle will also improve the obstacle avoidance performance of the robot. "It can be said that the R & D focus of Eagle series is to realize the 'leg eye cooperation' of mobile robot." Chen Junming, assistant president of bluecore technology, said.

Chen Junming, assistant president

Wukong series is a 3D vision sensor developed by bluecore technology based on structured light technology, which also includes software and hardware. Different from Eagle, Wukong focuses on the development of robot "hand eye cooperation". Equipped with Wukong 3D vision software and hardware, the robot can locate, identify, measure, detect, load and unload materials.

In addition to the above two series of products, the mobile robot products equipped with bluecore's self-developed 3D vision technology are also highlights at this industry expo. It is reported that mobile robot products including handling robot and loading and unloading robot are an important landing field of bluecore technology in machine vision technology at this stage. "We hope that by enabling the mobile robot with deep visual perception, we can not only solve the problems of robot positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance, but also expand the market application and give full play to our strengths in goods sorting, destacking, factory loading and unloading, defect detection and so on."Chen Junming introduced.


Machine vision will erupt with the robot market

With the disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the increase of cost pressure, manufacturing competition intensifies, and various factors force production-oriented enterprises to upgrade and transform to intelligent manufacturing. Chen Junming believes that the outbreak of the robot market entering the fast lane is only a matter of time. As an important branch of robot technology, machine vision, especially deep vision perception technology, will significantly improve the AI level of robots, make robots adapt to the ever-changing industrial needs, and replace manual completion of high-risk, high-intensity, difficult and flexible production links. Its market will also explode with the robot market.

However, the research on machine vision in China started later than abroad. If we want to rely on vision technology to realize the upgrading and transformation of intelligent manufacturing, there are still many potential problems to be solved. Chen Junming pointed out that although there are challenges, we should also be optimistic about the positive side of the market.

First, the market base is considerable. China is an industrial manufacturing superpower, and the demand for industrial vision and mobile robot vision ranks first in the world; Second, there are rich application scenarios. A large number of industrial demands provide rich application scenarios for the landing practice of industrial vision and mobile robot vision technology, which will promote the continuous improvement of vision technology in practice; Third, improve the talent training mechanism. Some colleges and universities in China have set up relevant majors and laboratories to continuously transport talents for enterprises. The favorable domestic environment has also attracted many overseas talents to join.

"If machine vision wants to develop rapidly and make continuous breakthroughs, it must adhere to the road of scientific research industrialization, grasp the boundary between R & D and the market, attract excellent talents, take the industry demand as the guidance, take the realization of benefits as the goal, and rely on innovative technology, quality management and professional services to form a brand-name operation. As a start-up enterprise, bluecore technology can only concentrate all the excellent talents Quality resources, aiming at a certain core technology and specific market, can develop rapidly and gain a firm foothold and become a pioneer in the market and industry. "Chen Junming said.

As the first batch of settlers, bluecore technology needs to pay more courage, wisdom and hardships, but it will also have more opportunities than the latecomers—— Less is more, expertise is strong. With breakthroughs in 3D visual navigation, 3D visual obstacle avoidance and 3D visual capture, bluecore technology has transformed technology into tangible products, realized large-scale applications among leading customers in 3C electronics, photovoltaic, semiconductor, soft package printing, clothing accessories, auto parts and other industries, helped enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and made great strides towards intelligent manufacturing.