Blue Chip won “Intelligent logistics technology to lead the enterprise”award

Recently, the 2021 Smart Factory Logistics Industry Summit was successfully concluded at the century Jinyuan Hotel, Cixi City Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo. Blue Chip Technology won the “2021 Smart Logistics Technology Leading Enterprise”award for its leading visual navigation technology.



At present, the indoor mobile robot mapping, positioning, navigation, obstacle avoidance generally through 2D Lidar. The 2d laser has limited information of environment characteristic, and it is easy to lose the orientation or the actual travel path, and to avoid the blind area.

Blue Core Technology is based on deep vision technology for many years. In the realization of mobile robot’s functions of positioning, navigation, obstacle avoidance and docking, the innovative use of 3D depth cameras, based on 3d images, with intelligent algorithms as the core, lX-MRDVS is a unique depth vision system for mobile robot based on mobile robot.


From electromagnetism, magnetic bars, qr codes to lasers, the navigation history of technology of mobile robots have evolved, but not out of the realm of weak perception.

In the face of rising demand, bluechip believes that the future of amust focus on breakthroughs in perception, especially visual perception, or robots, like humans, will be limited in their ability to work and their opportunities, forming an industrial bottleneck. Blue Core Technology will continue to dig deep vision of the core advantages, continuous innovation, break the bottleneck industry.