Wuhai leaders visit blue chip technology

This morning, the Inner Mongolia, deputy director of the Ulanhu People’s Republic of Wuhai and deputy director of the Commerce Bureau, Roppo, and his delegation visited the headquarters of Lanxin technology in Hangzhou. Lanxin Technology CEO Gao Yong, president of the assistant Chen Junming, Vice President Zheng Chao received the deputy head of the cloud and Luo deputy director of a line.


Deputy head of the cloud district and deputy head of the Luo Bureau visited the R & D Center of the whole machine and the R & D Center of the visual products of blue chip technology, we highly approve the achievements of blue core technology in technical team construction, vision and robot product research and development, market development, project landing and so on. We are very interested in the railway chemical truck robots developed by the company.


Cloud Deputy district director, said that intelligent, digital manufacturing is the direction of development and the future, I hope the company can go to Wuda District Wuhai to open up markets and develop entrepreneurship.